Vector Graphics: Image created using mathematical lines and curves.

Raster Graphics: Image made tiny squares (pixels) with color information.

Vector Graphics

Most common on Logos, Fonts and Illustrations
Cons: Limited Effects
Pros: Editable – It can be enlarged as big as an elephant or larger
Popular Formats: ai, eps and pdf.

Raster Graphics

Most Common on Photographs
Cons: Large Files – Blurry When Enlarged
Pros: Effects
Popular formats: psd, jpg, png, tiff, bmp and gif.

Note: If you are providing Artwork file please make sure to add 1/8″ bleed all around for anything smaller than a sheet of paper. For anything larger please add 1/4 bleed all around. Before you start designing make sure that your work mode is CMYK. If providing Raster file make sure it is 300dpi (Resolution: Dots per Inch). This is so we can ensure you will receive the best quality print.